Famous village in the province of Messina, about 40 minutes from our company, offers an important cultural religious itinerary thanks to the presence of the shrine of the Black Madonna of Tindari hosting a Mary and Child carved in wood, considered to be the bearer of grace and miraculous. The Sanctuary of Tindari is located at the eastern end of the promontory, sheer to the sea, at the ancient acropolis, where a small church was built on the ruins of the abandoned city.

The statue of the Black Madonna, carved in cedar wood, I was placed in an unknown time, perhaps come here from the East following the phenomenon of iconoclasm in the eighth and ninth centuries.

The legends of Marinello
At the base of the cape there is a sandy area with a series of small ponds, whose shape is modified due to the movement of sand, driven by the storms. The beach is known by the name of Marinello or the sea dry, and there are many legends related.

According to one of the beach they would miraculously formed after the fall of a child from the terrace of the sanctuary, then found safe and sound on the beach just created for the withdrawal of the sea. The girl's mother, a pilgrim came from far away, following the miracle, you would miraculously changed my mind about the true nature of sculpture, which he had doubted due to dark complexion of the Virgin.